Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University

Message from Chairman

The 21st century is called the environment, nanotechnology, biotech, and information age. Fundamentally understanding substances and creating new substances will play an important role for humanity in the development of this age. Chemistry, the field that pursues the fundamental nature of the structure, properties, and reactions of substances and seeks fundamental principles and creates new substances is becoming more and more important as a natural science that will create human knowledge and a rich future.

The laboratories at the Materials Science Specialization (Chemistry Department) in the postgraduate physical science course at Nagoya University take traditional chemistry study such as organic chemistry, biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, and physical chemistry as its foundation, works together with various physical science disciplines such as physics, biology, geology, and materials science, and has produced the best research results in the world through interaction with applied fields such as engineering, agriculture, pharmacology, and medicine. As you may well know, the first Nobel prize in chemistry this century was awarded to Noyori Ryouji, who has long led the field of applied organic chemistry. Also, the discovery of Green Florescent Protein (GFP), which brought about a revolution in modern life sciences research, led to the 2008 Nobel prize in chemistry being awarded to Professor Osamu Shimomura, who received his undergraduate degree from our chemistry room. As these examples illustrate, the creation of new substances and the discovery of new phenomenon excite our intellectual curiosity, provide a deep sense of passion, and impact science and technological developments widely. Each of our laboratories is developing the leading edge of global research in their various fields. We provide an environment for our students, who have high motivations, to come with intellectual curiosity and challenge their research. At this major in the Chemistry Department, we also put our energies into the education side through the training of our researchers and faculty, who are internationally active. For example, presently we are executing a global COE program, and we are developing many unique education and research programs centering around our latter period doctoral students such as English education, independent research support for young students, a variety of seminars, and international joint research.

Also, we employ our late period doctoral students as RAs (Research Assistant) and provide economic support. Other than that, we have a Japan and Germany Joint Graduate School Program, and continue to move our high quality education and research forward in an environment that is internationally open.

Our Chemistry Department Laboratories open their doors to individuals who hold the high and lofty goal to make more vibrant use of the great Nobel prize and aim for more such prizes.

April 2019
TADA Mizuki
Chair of Department of Chemistry
Division of Material Science, Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University