Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University

Undergraduate Program

At the Science Department of Nagoya University first year students do not belong to any Academic Department, but rather study a wide range of courses. Starting in their second year students separate into individual Departments and general education and fundamental chemistry education begin. Primarily through selective compulsory subjects, inorganic chemistry, analytic chemistry, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, and biochemistry, the fundamental subjects are thoroughly studied. Chemistry research is executed in seminar and practicum form, and fine guidance is given. In the third year students obtain further knowledge in each specialized subject area based on the fundamental knowledge they have previously obtained. In order to do that a more advanced course offering is provided to them Also, every afternoon is devoted to student experiments and through [Chemistry Experiments] (analytical chemistry experiments, inorganic chemistry experiments, biochemistry experiments, organic chemistry experiments, and physical chemistry experiments) the basic skills of chemistry experiments are obtained, and students are provided an opportunity to experience firsthand the reactions of substances and compounds.

In the fourth year graduation research (special experiments) are executed in one of thirteen laboratories and groups when the majority of graduation requirements other than graduation research are completed. Most of the day every day is devoted to the special experiments carried out in the laboratories and groups, and research activities are begun in earnest. After graduation, there is a large percentage of students that will move on to graduate studies (including at other universities).

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