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2020/12/02 Personnel

Job Opportunity for Assistant Professor (non-PI) in catalysis field at Research Center for Materials Science (RCMS), Nagoya University

Position summary: Research Center for Materials Science (RCMS) is seeking an assistant professor "Jokyo" (assistant professor: non-principal investigator (non-PI)) for the Noyori Laboratory.

  1. Affiliation: Research Center for Materials Science (RCMS)
  2. Number of positions: 1 "Jokyo"
  3. Salary and benefits: Conforming to Nagoya University Pay Rules under the Annual Salary System.
  4. Expected starting date: At the earliest convenience from as of April 1st, 2021
  5. Term: from the date taken up the position till March 31st, 2026 (no extension of the term to a tenured position)
  6. Qualifications: Holder of a doctorate (Ph.D.) degree (before taking up the position). A good command of English and/or Japanese is required. Enough experience and knowledge of at least two among the following subjects is highly recommended: molecular catalysts for organic synthesis, solid/inorganic catalysts, and data-driven/informatics science (e.g. statistical processing of data accumulated from ab initio/semi-empirical calculations, from surface informatics or from operand measurements; machine learning).
  7. Mission: The applicant will join the Noyori Laboratory at RCMS (PI: Prof. Susumu Saito) and cooperate with other members on research projects running in the laboratory. The appointee should be highly enthusiastic to steer research in not only his/her expertise but also in interdisciplinary fields; should have an independent spirit, and is requested to start a new project, related or non-related to the specific projects as follows: 1) Semiconductor photocatalysis; 2) Molecular photocatalysis for CO2 transformation; 3) Molecular catalysis (for hydrogenation); 4) Organic synthesis.
  8. Application deadline: January 8th, 2021.
  9. Selection: Applicants who pass the primary screening, based upon the submitted documents, will be invited for an interview with faculty members.
  10. Application: Compile a .pdf file containing the following 6 items (in either Japanese or English), and send the file by e-mail to the address below. The title of the e-mail should be "Application of Assistant Professor (Noyori Lab)".

(1) Curriculum vitae (with your portrait)

(2) List of publications, invited lectures, and acquisition of research funding

(3) copies of not more than five representative publications

(4) Summary of research (A4, 2 pages)

(5) Research plan including data-driven/informatics sciences and pedagogic interest (A4, 2 pages)

(6) Two contact references (name, affiliation, and e-mail address)

Professor Shigehiro Yamaguchi

Director of Research Center for Materials Science (RCMS), Nagoya University


  1. Contact: Professor Susumu Saito
    PI of the Noyori Laboratory
    Research Center for Materials Science, Nagoya University

Further Information:

  • The applicant should pay his/her own travelling expenses for the interview.
    Online interview may be held in cases.
  • Application documents will not be returned to the applicant.
  • The applicant's personal information will only be used in the selection processes.
  • Nagoya University commits to gender equality: